Get Your Home Sold With These Tips

This is the most crucial step in getting your home sold; hire an agent who is experienced in selling homes in your location. Spend time researching agents that are licensed, experienced and motivated to sell your home. This may take some time, but it is time well spent. Check around and talk with people who have recently sold their homes. Check out the references of agents you are looking to work with. You will want to make sure that your initial feeling about the agent transfers to their ability to sell your home.

Research Similar Homes for Sale

Take time to look at real estate that is similar to yours that have recently sold or are up for sale. Look at the amenities that the home offers as well as the asking price. The quickest and easiest way you can do this is by checking out homes online and in local publications. This will help you come to an agreed upon asking price for your home.

Look at Your Home from the Buyers Perspective

Put yourself in potential buyer’s shoes. Come up with a list of all of the positive features of your home and enhance them to their fullest. You want the most affirming reaction possible for buyers when they enter your home.

Update Your Home’s Exterior

Curb appeal is something all agents stress to their clients. It is a key element in getting your home sold quickly. You want the first impression of your home to be one that evokes a feeling that puts the buyer in motion to be thinking about them living there. Your landscape should be well-manicured, maintained and thriving. Treat the exterior of your home as an extension of the interior.

Remove Clutter

Your home may look lived in when you see it but to potential buyers it can look cluttered. You want your home to be at its fullest potential. Remove extra clutter and place it in storage. Your home should be free of anything that is not needed to live comfortably. Too much furniture makes a room look small so try to clear out larger pieces that take up an abundance of space.

Get the Little Jobs Done

Spend time taking care of the little things you have been putting off. Cracked tiles are a simple fix and without it can deter some potential buyers. The small things that need to be done around the house can really add up in a buyers mind. Take those worries away, spend a day and with less than a hundred dollars get the little jobs done.

Repaint in Neutral Colors

Make your home desirable for the masses and this means painting all of the rooms the same neutral color. Fresh, neutral colors allow buyers to visualize themselves in the space. It also allows them to see their belongings filling the room.

Keep Your Home Clean

Your home needs to be clean thoroughly. Never let a viewing occur without first tidying your home and taking the time to really de-clutter the space. It is better to postpone a viewing opportunity a half hour over showing a home that is not clean.

Bake and Brew

During open houses start a pot of coffee and throw in a frozen pie. The scents filling the home will make the home feeling cozy and warm. Helping to increase the appeal of your home with smells of familiarity and warmth will only help to sell your home.

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By: Leeanne Kunnert

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