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Candle Making Is A Really Fun Hobby

Nowadays, candles are used as adornments in the house and in various establishments. The candles have gone a long way from being plain and scentless to being beautiful embellishments. They are also valued now for their therapeutic effect or the way they can get one in a good mood during a date.

Unfortunately, decorative candles are very pricey nowadays save for the fact that they have become a trend. Instead of falling prey to businesses that take advantage of this trend, people have sought ways on how to make their own candles. This proves to be a better way because people are able to decorate the candles according to their own taste. The more successful ones have even started selling their own homemade candles. And for those of you who want beautiful candles at home but do not want to buy, here are easy to learn steps on candle making.

First, secure the materials needed. You need candle wax, dye or coloring, wicks, and container or molds. You may also include fragrance oils in your list if you want your candles smelling good. Look also for a kettle where you will melt your wax. Double boiler may also be used.

The first step in candle making is of course to melt the wax. Regardless of what container you use in melting, secure a stove that as temperature control in it. The reason behind this is that wax is very flammable and may burst when melted in very high temperature. The instructions on melting are found in the packet of the wax so be sure to read it first. You must know that wax is of two types: the solid one and the gel. These two have different melting points so be sure to ask the seller for some tips in order to avoid disaster.

After carefully melting the wax, add the dye. Only a small amount is needed lest you want a very dark candle. Pour the wax on the container or molds. Use an aluminum cup or glass when transferring the melted wax. Make sure you do this with utmost caution since melted wax is very hot.

Add a few drops of fragrance oil to add scent to the candle. The wick must be secured in the middle and must reach the bottom. Use a clip to steady it in place. To make the wax harden fast, place them in a cool area.

You may also do layering of colors. This is done by pouring pre-colored wax into the mold but leaving extra space for other wax. The second (or third) wax must be of a different color. The wax will not mix with each other if poured very slowly.

For decorations, use your imagination. Make use of things around you like dried leaves or colorful ribbons. Keep in mind that it must not be too distracting to look at. After all, candles should give a relaxing feel even when they are not lighted.

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