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In Path of Exile, in terms of gear, there's only a couple of things you really want when collectors of chaos orbs poe farming uber hillock, Movement Speed and Damage. The following was in order of Priority: 

1. Movement Speed on Boots This is the most important piece of gear, This + Onslaught + Your Passives nets you 39% movement speed which makes fishing for Hillock really fast.

2. Strong Weapon that works with ST Something that attacks fast, works with your skill and one-shots zombies is what you're looking for. Ideally you want a godly rusted hatchet, but I tend to find that I'm never lucky with that and end up using a rare Corroded Blade/Driftwood Maul which does the job just fine. If you do manage to find yourself two decent one handed weapons, they're going to be your best bet.

3. An item with 2 green sockets linked, preferably not a shield or body armour. Finding a decent one of these is a pain in the ass, you don't want to be wearing body armour or a shield as it slows you down, so what you're hoping for is a pair of gloves/helmet or get lucky and have your weapon/boots have 2 green sockets that are linked.

4. Iron Rings/Rustic Sash. After you've gotten the three main things, the only thing left is to boost your damage as much as you can, Iron rings, Rustic Sash, anything you can find that boosts your damage.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is Path of Exile, these are only recommendations and you're going to need some luck to find all of these in the first place, My first Oni-Goroshi farmer that's still farming (level 8 and a half) has only just found a pair of movement speed boots. 

And I got them by using an Alch I found on the floor on a pair of boots (I'm in standard so while I wouldn't recommend using an Alch in league, I don't mind burning it in standard as I have a fair amount).

There's a lot more players guide on website, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe buy currency, you will get more gains.

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